jueves, marzo 08, 2012

Women for Women International: Today we celebrate women everywhere


Dear Vivir,

On this 101st International Women's Day, all of us at Women for Women International - in Washington DC, Afghanistan, South Sudan and beyond - are celebrating.

We aren't celebrating because women enjoy equal rights here and abroad - unfortunately this isn't yet the case. We aren't celebrating the end of violence against women because, as we know too well, war rages on and women bear its brunt.

But we're celebrating because we are hopeful - in fact, positive - that as women we can build the bridges to peace, equality, and prosperity.

At this very moment, many of you are gathering on bridges as participants in our Join me on the Bridge global event series.

Through your participation, you're raising your voices in support of peace and equality for women. And you're standing in solidarity with the women we serve who, honored by your sisterhood, are gathered on bridges today, too.

Four hundred of our program participants and graduates in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will unite with music and dance on the La Corniche bridge between Gisenyi and Goma.

In Baghdad, more than 100 women will gather on the Old Bridge to show unity in their wish for equality and opportunity. They'll later head to the banks of the Tigris River for a candlelit peace ceremony. 

I'm proud and inspired to announce that, because of the passion of our staff and supporters around the world, 196 bridge events are underway in 57 countries. Our celebrations on this special holiday embody one of our favorite affirmations here at Women for Women International: "One woman can change anything. Many women can change everything."

Thank you for your sisterhood today and every day. With your support, the women we serve truly can change everything.

With gratitude,
Andree Simon
President, Women for Women International

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